About E4S

Everything 4 Soccer was inspired by professional athletes. We are a young company that are eager to help provide solutions for your clubs Teamwear. With decades of experience and knowledge of professional sport, we know that their are aspect clubs and organisations were time and time again getting wrong. We feel our vast experience in professional sport will help every level and situation to be more efficient.

Using the depth of experience and knowledge available and fresh new ideas, we are able to provide our customers with a Teamwear solution that’s unique to the industry and their individual situation. Our solutions are put together to last the test of time and not thinking of just a quick fix, we aim to save your club in the short term and long term in both time and money. We are looking to build long lasting relationships with our customers, so will never look to sell clearance kit unless specifically asked for and will continually be available to our customers for consultations and advise on how to stay one step ahead.

E4S’s vision it has for its clients Teamwear is combined with a business model that speeds up the process from initial contact, to fully embellished Teamwear delivered to your club’s door, NEVER shorting on quality of the finished product. We know that a quality finished product done by professional doesn’t have to be replaced continually. This model has lead us too quickly attain the privilege of providing Teamwear solutions to Schools, Colleges, Soccer Schools, amateur, semi-professional and professional clubs nationwide. 

At Everything 4 Soccer our main aim is to provide you with a Teamwear solution to meet your requirements. The swift and professional service provided allows our customers to take full control of each aspect of their Teamwear range not only saving money in the short term but with the system in place will allow your club to have a cost effective  Teamwear process that just gets better with time.

For a no obligation consultation please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@everything4soccer.co.uk.


E4S Goalkeeping Academy

Our unique solution to Specific Goalkeeping training

Our goalkeeping academies are here to help all local goalkeepers develop and learn everything there is to know about the position of a goalkeeper, in a fun and safe environment.

Since opening we have been trusted by well over 200 goalkeepers of all levels, from grassroots (aged 6 -16) to semi-professionals and professionals in the highest leagues, get the specific training needed to take them to the next level, that just can’t be offered by their clubs.

Every sone of our sessions are carefully planned by our professional coaches to suit the goalkeepers in attendance. This ethos, paired with unlimited training memberships at multiple venues, gives our members, of all ages and abilities, the chance to quickly understand the techniques, tactical knowledge, physical needs and mental strength needed to be a top goalkeeper.

Its never too early or late to start developing as a goalkeeper! Our coaches will help you develop at your own pace, in an fun and competitive environment. You will find most information need on this page but if you have any burning questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: gkacademy@everything4socer.co.uk.


Your in safe hands “Our Coaching Mission”

Our coaching team is lead by professional coaches that have played amongst the highest leagues in professional football.

At the E4S GK Academy our coaching mission is to development of the goalkeeper and person as a whole. Getting our goalkeepers as much contact time with the football each week as possible was a big thing for our coaches and a the reason behind our Unlimited training memberships and most sessions lasting 1hour 30mins (older age groups).

With these innovative ideas installed and made available to members, it has given our members and coaches the platform to allocate the time needed for development of physical, technical, tactical and phycological attributes of each individual goalkeeper in every session.

We actively encourage goalkeepers of all ages and abilities as we have a growing GK union that welcomes all new goalkeepers and work together to improve their individual level. Also we don’t stop at 16yrs, Seniors are welcome to attend, they will just need to make contact in advance after booking, so we can prepare our coaches on the night and venue. Alternatively and more popular, we offer 1to1 and group sessions (max 6 gk’s). These can be book through the appointments calendar.