About E4S

Everything 4 Soccer was inspired by professional athletes. We are a young company that are eager to help provide solutions for your clubs Teamwear. With decades of experience and knowledge of professional sport, we know that their are aspect clubs and organisations were time and time again getting wrong. We feel our vast experience in professional sport will help every level and situation to be more efficient.

Using the depth of experience and knowledge available and fresh new ideas, we are able to provide our customers with a Teamwear solution that’s unique to the industry and their individual situation. Our solutions are put together to last the test of time and not thinking of just a quick fix, we aim to save your club in the short term and long term in both time and money. We are looking to build long lasting relationships with our customers, so will never look to sell clearance kit unless specifically asked for and will continually be available to our customers for consultations and advise on how to stay one step ahead.

This vision E4S has for its clients Teamwear combined with a business model that speeds up the process from initial contact, to fully embellished Teamwear delivered to your club and NEVER shorting on quality of the finished product. We know that a quality finished product done by professional doesn’t have to be replaced continually. This model has lead us too quickly attain the privilege of providing Teamwear solutions to Schools, Colleges, Soccer Schools, amateur, semi-professional and professional clubs nationwide. 

At Everything 4 Soccer our main aim is to provide you with a Teamwear solution to meet your requirements. the swift and professional service provided allows our customers to take full control of each aspect of their Teamwear range not only saving money in the short term but with the system in place will allow your club to have a cost effective  Teamwear process that just get better with time.

For a no obligation consultation please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@everything4soccer.co.uk.

Available to all our customers is Club E4S, so make sure your club can benefit from the ease of CLUB E4S and contact us direct at